Suppliers for antique radio parts and tubes in Europe, The part for Europe has grown substancially. I finally just had the time to wire it up! homepage of capacitors, black gate, Mundorf capacitors, Audio note copper foils, clarity cap, tin foils, M caps, ansar, LCR, cerafine, Rike S-Cap. 857 likes. For a similar list of European suppliers, see Aren van Waarde's post below (5th post in this thread). We might add also sources for batteries (and other things). Suppliers for Vintage Electronics, Radio Parts, Tubes, etc. Also he updates regularly with the hints he becomes from members and guests (using the contact form from th bottom link - we will forward to the right person). In these trying times, I'm glad to find a resource like this to explore. Banzai. • Four non-polarized capacitors: a 473 (sometimes called .047µF or 47n), a 683 (.068µF or 68n) and two units of 104 (.1µF or 100n). The group has had tremendous success building a catalog music that has been … To thank the Author because you find the post helpful or well done. The thread rating is reflecting the best post rating. So your work is not in vain. It's all here! Learn More. Banzai Music. Banzai music, bad experince! A similar list is being maintained on the Antique Radio Forum here:  ARF Supplier List . I used a prepainted enclosure from Banzai music (the European version of Mammoth electronics), in vintage orange sparkle. Banzai Product Line Select a category Backyard Water (10) Banzai Jr (69) Bouncers (21) Bubbles (12) Chalk Bombs (10) Water Parks (18) Dive Master (47) Flight (4) Foam Blasters (31) Pool … This article was edited 24.Jun.12 17:04 by Ernst Erb . Olaf Nobis; Frag' Jan zuerst - Ask Jan First - Dipl.-Ing. Dear Tom I no longer need that book! 3 estiveram aqui. Made In Germany Dimensions (D x L): 10x20 mm made from ultra-pure aluminum foil axial, non-polar, isolated Compact Size excellent characteristics I see that under the term sources this thread is not within the first. Anyway, it's easy to find the schematics from Pacific T.V. Hey! The capacitor is a component which has the ability or capacity to store energy in the form of an electrical charge producing a potential difference (Static Voltage) across its plates, much like a small rechargeable battery. Harald, I had this board fully populated on my desk for 3 years. 100nF, Pitch: 5mm, +/-10%, Size: 7,5x7x4mm, -55to 85°C. This article was edited 12.Mar.17 09:21 by Martin Renz . DEP Schuro Elektronik Friedrich-Ebert-Str. I used a prepainted grey enclosure from Banzai Music, ... To eliminate more high frequencies, value of this capacitor can be changed to a bigger value like 560 pF for instance. Having just joined this site, I must say how impressed I am with the amount of supplier information available to members. Banzai Music; Das Musikding; Ebay; Mojo Musical Supply; Mouser; Pedal Parts Plus; Smallbear; SparkFun; Tayda Electronics; Watts Tube Audio; Categories. Technique, Repair, Restoration, Home construction **. (Please use the link icon within the editor to set a link, thank you). These can be polyester film, “box style,” or ceramic. Czech Republic, This website run by Paul Stenning has nearly all of the UK schematics available at a very reasonable price. I just saw that does not function - but we know also (without the 3W). NB some companies are aimed at high-end tube amplifier building rather than radio restoration, although they may supply parts which are of interest for radio enthusiasts. UK Vintage Radio Service Data. High quality, audio grade polyester capacitor,made by JB capacitors. This article was edited 02.Apr.20 20:48 by Mike Edwards . Your purchases also help protect forests, including trees traditionally used to make instruments. Used in many popular amps. I have been making notes in a book everytime I encounter a good supplier for parts. Some googling revealed that the best match for that … I bought some products, from Banzai, and as usual the inexplicable delay. Banzai Ft Erin Bowman "Turning Heads" Kubo and the Two Strings Trailer FOX Cooper Barrett's Guide To Surviving Life Promo Thanks to Aren van Waarde! Please check the fields highlighted in red. Amplifier (6) Audio sample (1) … Ernest, HB9RXQ. I think suppliers and sources are the most wanted? Your purchases help youth music programs get the gear they need to make music. Induljon a banzáj.Jobb minőségű videó. Over 30,000 products ship to you from our Berlin, Germany based warehouse. Banzai is an American pop, funk, and hip-hop duo. Please click the blue info button to read more about this page. The list below shows suppliers in North America for parts and restoration supplies for antique radios, electronic phonographs, tape decks, and TVs. You can always see below post 1 and 5 when the last update was done. Latest from Twitter. Lush, creamy, clear, sweet - a breath of fresh air, musical throughout. +49 30 89060-740 This article was edited 15.Aug.17 21:53 by Aren van Waarde . We stock a vast assortment of tubes, sockets, knobs, transformers, capacitors… The PP capacitor … Axial Lead Capacitors. Ing. Connections is an other topic: Replacing special Batteries by Battery Packs. Jan Philipp Wüsten; BTB-Elektronik-Tubes, Sockets, Capacitors, Transformers - Michael Kaim; JAC-Music … (*) Applies to shipments to Germany with our Standard courier service DHL when paid via PayPal, credit card or Lastschrift. ... DEP Banzai Music … Explore releases from Banzai at Discogs. Welcome to Hificollective, to create an account … It is a little bit more expensive than raw aluminium boxes, but it is … Nearly every week you could do some uptading of this most complete list. Banzai Music, Berlin (Berlin, Germany). By continuing to use Reverb, you agree to these updates, and to our cookie policy. JJ TC529 16uF x 16uF /500V radial capacitors with solder lugs. This list is intended for suppliers that serve unique needs in the vintage electronics community, so the big modern electronics supply houses like Mouser, Newark, and Digi-Key are not included. 3 were here. Browse our vast assortment for your music … Ernst Erb asked me to prepare a short list of hyperlinks leading to suppliers for antique radio (and amplifier) rebuilding/restoration in Europe, based on information presented on my own website. Banzai features three financial literacy courses: Banzai Junior, for elementary-age students, Banzai Teen, for junior and senior high schools and Banzai Plus, a new, advanced course for high school-age students. But may be there are specialized services for our concerns? ANTIQUE RADIOS: 320 149 OLD RADIOS, 2 372 227 Pictures and Schematics, RADIO Catalogues, RADIO MUSEUM. Thank you, Tom, that you did solve the question. A 470K … By clicking Subscribe, I agree my data may be used for marketing purposes including email communications and third party marketing. Anyone dealt with Banzai Music in Berlin? The KB Museum Service data Audiophile with no … Additions to the list are welcome! Currency: Dimensions (L x D): 52x35 mm. Service data for Kolster Brandes, ITT-KB, ITT, RGD & Regentone radios and audio exuipment. Pacific TV was mentioned as a source for tubes, but I would like to point out that they are also a good source for some obscure schematics (especially some Canadian products), and have been continually adding more to their library: Edit: I tried to post the link to their schematic page, but when I try to submit the post, it keeps giving me an error message telling me that my post contains a link. Sources (not resources) has therefore to be used here more often like suppliers, supply, vintag, radios, parts, tubes, repair, repairs, reproduction, restoration, renewal, renovation, service, spair, correction, mending, rebuilding etc. Over 30,000 products ship to you from our Berlin, Germany based warehouse. Banzai Music - Schwedenstr. Browse our vast assortment for your music related needs. This article was edited 03.Nov.19 22:42 by Thomas Albrecht . Banzai Music's Diamond series oil cap brings the bright, warm sunshine to a wide open strawberry field. Naturally charging Ni-MH battery packs is an other problem to solve. Bonanza Banzai, 1989. Thanks for your hints to keep this well up to date. Based on your location, we've changed your settings: Shipping Region: To reflect our commitment, we updated our terms and conditions. 's main page. Delivery times for other countries and shipping methods can be … 1062305789682089986; 953919074874118144; I hope to also make contributions with regard to Canadian models and live 1 Km away from the still standing RCA Victor factory in Montreal. I plan on ordering online from them, unless … EUR Banzai Contact Information; True Bypass Switch Wiring; Where is my order? Tenno Heika BANZAI!The Japanese Socialist party went from gaining 32.9% of votes in 1958 to being a minor party in recent years gaining only a few percent. Please contact me via email if you would like to recommend another supplier to add, or if you have had any problems with a listed supplier or find that a supplier is no longer in business. 12-14 12277 Berlin Tel. The PP capacitor film used here is first metallised with the thickest possible aluminium layer, then wound precisely into innovative EVOLUTION winding geometry and then potted by hand into special casings. Jim Peire - Screen-Tec (email: jpscreentec at aol dot com), Ken Gooding - The Repair Shop - tel. They seem to be the only place on the planet that sells the brand of guitar picks I use. +1 208 731 0426, Dennis “Doc” Hoyer (email:  autran at aol dot com). About the silver mica capacitor, I bought Silver Mica Cornell CD15 in 250pf / 500V and I saw the treble capacitor is in 1kv ... Banzai music have some, but there is always some … It has not arrived yet. Banzai … I would like to include a link to my local "Tube Guy" in Montreal: Antique Electronic Supply (, Mark Oppat's Old Radio Parts (, Merry Tunes Antique Radios and Parts (, Play Things of the Past (, Nostalgia Air - Rider schematics (, American Radio History - Beitman schematics (, Dave's Homemade Radios - Beitman schematics (, Early Television Foundation - TVs (, Sams Technical Publishing (, Dave and Babylyn Cantelon - Just Radios (, John Kendall - Vintage Electronics (, West Florida Components (, Antique Radio Schematics (, W7FG Vintage Manuals (, David Kulka - Studio Electronics (, Jim Cross - Vacuum Tubes, Inc. (, Surplus Sales of Nebraska (, Bob's Antique Radios and Electronics (, Dan's Small Parts and Kits (, Ted Weber - Weber Speakers (, World Tube Company (, Electronic Guru Parts House (, National Capital Radio and Television Museum - tube sales (, Soviet Radio Components (, Replacement Light Bulbs (, Steve Young's Pinball Resource (, Bill Lapoulos - Magneto Parts (, Jackpine Radio (, Edward Schutz - Renovated Radios (, Alan Jesperson - Great Northern Antique Radios (, Retro-Tronics - division of FYLP (, Barry Dagestino - Crosley Swap Shop (, Brettuns Village Trunk Shop (, Quality Antique Radios (, Mark Palmquist - Retro Radio Repair (, Vintage Radio Labels (, Speaker Repair Pros (, West Tech Services (, Magnetic Components, Inc. (, Heyboer Transformers (, Classic Tone Transformers (, Gary Stork - VM Audio Enthusiasts (, Ed Crockett - Vintage Electronics (, Terry Witt - Terry's Rubber Rollers and Wheels (. Cordially, Learn More, We understand the importance of online privacy and are committed to complying with the EU General Data Protection Regulation. Browse our vast assortment … The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension, often shortened to Buckaroo Banzai, is a 1984 American science fiction film produced and directed by W. D. Richter and … Have you rated this thread (best post)? Thank you very much for this good service! Members are Colby O’Donis and Christopher ‘C4’ Umana. Our products have been seen on Good Morning America, Live with Regis and Kelly, The Late Show with David Letterman, KTLA morning show, The Ellen Degeneres 9 - 13359 Berlin - Dipl. This list will be edited and kept up to date as new information becomes available. I assume on the switch, mode 1 is the LED, 2 is the diodes, and 3 is mosfet. I add here a few links to articles which deal with this problem: Very important is NiMH Battery packs for High Voltage. 238 likes. As far as I know, this 0.33µF 400V capacitor was the one that shipped with my Thorens: The other side of the capacitor said “ERO MKT1813”. It is important that new sources or the changes will not be posted here but told the two members, Thomas Albrecht, USA or for the other list to Aren van Waarde, NL. Berlin, Germany; Send Message; Specializing in parts and accessories for amps, effect pedals, synths and guitars. I'm already on the third day of order, probably by Christmas I will receive the products :) … Over 30,000 products ship to you from our Berlin, Germany based warehouse. Oops, looks like you forgot something. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Banzai at the Discogs Marketplace. DEP Banzai Music Wilhelm-von-Siemens-Str.

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